Unconventional Interview Questions We Ask

We like to go a bit off the beaten path when we interview candidates to join Team Primal Management Group. It’s helpful to get a feel for how a person reacts to unexpected situations. The following questions certainly give us insight into a potential hire’s adaptability.

Asking what a candidate’s favorite joke is has become a favorite technique of hiring managers. Not only is a good sense of humor important for fitting into the Primal Management Group culture, the question requires a person to think on his or her feet. The quality of the joke isn’t as important as the fact that a person can come up with an appropriate one while staying calm.

We also ask what a candidate would do differently if he or she became Primal Management Group’s CEO for a day. This is an effective way to find out how much the person knows about our firm and how we approach our work. The answer we receive also tells us how a candidate views the role of a leader and how fit he or she is to become one.

Finding out about a person’s passions away from work is also something we’ve found useful in our interview process. We encourage strong work/life balance for our associates, and we want to know that a potential hire has good outlets for his or her creativity.

These questions have helped us build a winning team. Learn more about how we evaluate candidates by following Primal Management Group on Twitter.

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