Tips From Primal Management Group for Conversations

After being introduced to another person, keeping the conversation flowing is the next challenge most people face. Our Primal Management Group experts propose the answer comes down to the ask. In other words, to keep people talking, you need to frame your inquiries accordingly.

The simplest way to ensure your discussion doesn’t end at an awkward pause is to ask open-ended questions. For example, our Primal Management Group team members suggest that rather than asking someone a question that will elicit a yes or no answer (known as a closed-ended question), focus on something that begins with what, where, or how. When the person answers, dig deeper and ask why. The more you probe, the more details you obtain.

Asking people for specific responses is another way in which to draw out a richer answer. For example, rather than asking someone about a vacation in general, such as whether it was interesting, ask him or her to describe the single best part of the trip. Rather than asking about the current weather and how much he or she likes or dislikes it, you could press about the worst weather experience (or best weather experience) this person has encountered. By delving a little deeper and being more creative in your approach, you can often set yourself up for a fantastic discussion that could lead to more common interests and topics.

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