Small Words That Can Make a Big Difference

The language that a business leader uses makes a tremendous impact on his or her team. While catchy terms like proactive and synergy may get attention, there are some simpler words that our managers use to promote unity and generate better results. These are Primal Management Group favorites:

  • “Go”: As in go see, go find, and go try – this two-letter word conveys kinetic motion and forward momentum. Research shows that when someone is told to go and observe first-hand the impact that their work has on consumers or even a different department within the company, they are 17 times more likely to be passionate about the work they do.
  • “Thanks”: A recent survey found that being recognized for their efforts was the most powerful motivating force for the majority of professionals surveyed. The same study found that engagement and recognition were closely linked.
  • “Challenge”: While this word may come across as negative to some, the truth is that there are obstacles in the world that need to be overcome. Team Primal Management Group appreciates transparent, authentic communication from our managers even (and especially) during trying times.
  • “Why?”: This question gets at the heart of purpose and motivation quickly. It’s also a way for leaders to display their humility, by admitting that they don’t have all the answers.

These small language tweaks have made a big impact around the Primal Management Group office. For more leadership tips follow us on Twitter.

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