Reasons Primal Management Group Welcomes Pets

If you don’t think of yourself as an animal lover, our Primal Management Group team members urge you to reconsider. Whether it’s the presence of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, or some other critters, there are a lot of perks to such company. For instance, research shows that spending time with animals releases feel-good hormones in people. Pets have even been found to enhance collaboration!


If you still aren’t convinced that animals have a lot to offer a business, ponder the results of a study conducted at the School of Business at Virginia Commonwealth University. It supports the assertion that people who bring their dogs to work with them experienced reduced stress and increased job engagement. Greater productivity is the outcome.


At Primal Management Group, we’ve also found that the presence of pets in the workplace enables positive interactions between colleagues. After all, it’s easy to strike up conversations about the animals. People also bond easily over their shared love for their companions. Discussing and observing their antics is also a lot of fun, which makes for an upbeat atmosphere.


For these reasons and more, we at Primal Management Group think animals should be welcome in workplaces everywhere. Of course, certain guidelines must be put in place if you invite pets to your office. They must be wee-trained, for instance, and you must plan for potential allergy issues. Will you implement an animal-friendly policy?

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