Primal Management Group’s Tips for Gaining Team Trust

Great leaders are those who inspire others to do their best. The secret to their success is in their ability to gain the trust of others. We’ve all witnessed the impact when leaders do not inspire the confidence of those they are tasked with leading. However, according to our Primal Management Group experts, being a trustworthy leader is not as challenging as you might think.

The key starts with your attitude, as our Primal Management Group professionals advise. If you’re someone who operates based on a hidden agenda, it’s noticed by those around you, including your team. Therefore, be sincere and transparent in your motives. Clearly communicate goals and redirect your focus to be a servant to those you lead or a facilitator, rather than an overseer. Give ample feedback and be generous about sharing credit for hard work and contributions to the company’s overall success.

The best leaders are those who are predictable from a behavior standpoint. Our Primal Management Group executives note that managers with mercurial moods tend to be less trusted than those who remain objective and calm. In addition, teams are often leery of managers who become disengaged as projects progress. Stay the course and communicate if visions change. Remember, your reputation as a leader is reflected in how you work with others.

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