Primal Management Group’s Don’ts for Leaders

As you strive to become an impactful leader, there are certainly best practices you want to follow. There are also practices our Primal Management Group experts recommend that you avoid. These are three mistakes even well-intended leaders are prone to making:

• Don’t Micromanage: As leaders, our Primal Management Group professionals understand that you want to deliver pristine results. However, you also need to know when to allow your team members to grow and complete each task in a manner that is meaningful to them. Focus on providing them with a clear and concise vision and expectations. Be available as a facilitator, but allow them to determine how to accomplish their objectives.

• Don’t Take Your Team for Granted: When you fail to appreciate your team, you fail to motivate them. Therefore, our Primal Management Group executives suggest that you frequently take time to let your associates know that they are valued. Recognize and reward their hard work on a regular basis. Never fail to thank them for their efforts. Even simple expressions of gratitude can be inspiring.

• Don’t Be Invisible: Out-of-sight bosses tend to negatively impact their teams. Don’t go into hiding behind your office door. Be accessible to your team members. Be visible and solicit their input. Make sure they have the resources necessary to accomplish their objectives.

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