How Primal Management Group Builds Community Relations

For small companies, becoming part of the fabric of a community is vital for sustained growth. You need to endear your firm to the area at large. Our Primal Management Group experts share these best practices for being a good neighbor:

• Hire Local: Our Primal Management Group executives note firms that recruit and employ local talent tend to be highly respected. In addition, local people tend to have strong connections in the community. They often have area knowledge and inside scoops to share. They’ll be true stakeholders in more than one sense.

• Support Causes: Companies that are generous are remembered when it comes time to shop or find services. Therefore, our Primal Management Group pros recommend that you identify local charities that align with your firm’s mission and values. Sponsor these programs through volunteer efforts and/or charitable donations. Whenever possible, engage the community in your efforts. For example, invite them to donate for food or clothing drives or through a percentage of sales going to an organization.

• Host Events: Get to know your neighbors by hosting special events. This could be a customer or community appreciation night with special treats. You could host a product/services discovery night in which people are invited to sample and learn more about your offerings. If you want, be creative and team up with a complementary firm to offer specials.

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