How to Prepare and Give a Great Speech

Public speaking proficiency is something every professional should have as a goal. As we work to improve our effectiveness as presenters, we have identified the following key preparation strategies. These techniques help us represent Primal Management Group well at any type of event.

The first thing we do when we prepare for a speech is research on our audience. We may not be able to gain expert knowledge on who our listeners are, but we do try to learn as much as we can about their interests. Calling the organizers of the event to ask questions about the audience is always a good idea.

We also remember to keep our remarks concise as we get ready to deliver a speech. The basic rule of thumb we follow is that we will tell audience members what we’re going to say, go about saying it, and then remind everyone of our main points. This way, we get everything across without wasting anyone’s time or losing focus on important issues.

There’s no way to overstate the importance of practice before giving a speech. We exchange rehearsal tips around the Primal Management Group office as a way of supporting each other. Some of us prefer to practice in front of a mirror, while others use friends and family as stand-in audience members.

These strategies form the foundation of a successful presentation. For more on how we’re improving our public speaking skills, like Primal Management Group on Facebook.

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