Attitude Is More Important Than Strategy in Networking

We often discuss training at Primal Management Group meetings, especially when it comes to topics like networking. We share best practices for getting our new team members up to speed with this vital business practice, and consider how to keep the skills of our senior team members sharp.

There are different ways in which we teach and practice networking, yet we’ve found that there is something more important than strategy when it comes to making connections. Before any approach will work for us, we must adopt the right mind-set.

The incorrect attitude seems to be quite prevalent in the business world. Individuals with this line of thinking are most concerned with closing the deal. These are the people at a networking event that always push their own agendas and collect as many business cards as they can without ever engaging in meaningful dialogue.

This is opposite to the Primal Management Group outlook. For us, networking is about finding out how we can create value for the contacts we make, and maintain mutually-beneficial relationships. We give our attention to them, asking questions and listening to their responses. Rather than closing, we’re opening possibilities for the future.

By teaching our colleagues to have the right attitude toward networking, we can be more flexible with our techniques. For more on the way Primal Management Group treats networking differently, be sure to visit our Newswire feed.

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